3DR 433Mhz Telemetry vs OpenLRS 433Mhz

Orange OpenLRS 433 Mhz factory firmware and settings.

3DR Radio clone from RCTimer v1.0, factory firmware and settings.



This snapshots shows 10 FHSS channels used by 3DR 433 mhz link.



If we turn on Orange OpenLRS Radio Link, the spectrum is flooded, both sides, but at right a bit stronger, you can see 4 channels, so far I know should be 5.



Scroll up to higher freq. There you can see 4 strong channels from OpenLRS


then scroll down to lower freq.  and you can see up to 3 weaker channel signals from OpenLRS


Then going up to 436 Mhz, OpenLRS off, only 3DR modem up and running, WTF are those signals?

This snapshot is far away, almost 4 mhz up from 3DR higher channel. I cant explain this.


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